September 24th, 2003


Pugs will ruin my Wednesday.

I'm at work, and I'm just not in the mood to be ... i'm so lazy ... i just had a vacation of sorts, i got a promotion yesterday, and I'd still rather be sleeping ...

maybe it's just that tonight's patients irritate me ... geriatric terriers and poor little kitties (2!) whose idiot owners put dog flea control on them and now they seizure.

I would write of seeing everyone at TC tonight, but everyone else has written of it ... quite pleasant ... to paraphrase a bit of what season said, 7 people at the table, and none of them i dislike.

Kim related a very funny anecdote to me, wherein she ran into Rick (ex-rick, not Rick that I work with) and told him off in a most wonderful fashion, after he tried to give himself way too much credit, insult Michael, and make assumptions about me. I can't believe the ego that boy has ... did he really think he was that good? heh.

Went to dinner with my parents tonight. It was a bit awkward, but hey, free food. Italian, too. My mom only insulted me a few times.

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After work, I have to drive to my mom's, pick up some clothes and my dog, and then go home, drop off my dog, wait a few hours, and then go to Moreno Valley Animal Shelter and pick up a Pug. Then said Pug has to stay in my house overnight, as I don't drive on no sleep. I have to try and stay up as long as possible Wednesday night, otherwise I will screw up my sleep schedule even worse than it already is, and Thursday morning I will drive this Pug (which hopefully did not do any damage to the house) to Costa Mesa for the rescue organization.

I hate owing favors to Pug Rescue. They're fucking my Wednesday all up.
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Didn't end up doing the pug thing today.

Didn't do anything today.

Not feeling so great. I hate random sad.

I think I'll try and go back to sleep soon.

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and in other news, i just got my cell phone bill from when I was in New Orleans, and the roaming charges are very unpretty.

And I'm thinking, I should use my new credit card to buy myself a new digital camera. Since buying things makes me happy sometimes.
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