October 4th, 2003


Up and down ... too much ...

I'm not so sure about this B.C. thing ... Collapse )

Michael took me out to dinner tonight, to Cafe Plaka. And it was good ... and he spent too much money on me ... i feel bad. It was very sweet. I do feel awkward in nice restaurants, especially when I'm in vinyl and pigtails.

TC afterwards. Lots of people, performances, noise. It was a little overwhelming for me, especially after a while. I should have left earlier than I did, but Michael seemed like he was having fun, and we drove there together. Saw Steph with fuzzy kitty ears, that look like weird hair growths from a distance. Brett was there. He did his standup thing for open mic, and it was funny. It really went over well. Ben showed up late, in fishnet and smoking some damned fine cigarettes. Season made music. Andy told stories. Will was loud, drunk, and obnoxious - something about a birthday. No excuse, and I didn't like being guilted into a hug. Season's roomie was there, and we talked current events a bit. Zen shared his jail experiences with me.

All fine and good, but sometimes, I can only handle so much stimuli, and needed to escape.

So back to Michael's house, where my mood swings continued in abundance. Michael wasn't feeling too great either, but i think in the end we made each other feel better. I'll leave the details of how to the imagination.

This whole thing is rambling ... sorry ... my head is not on straight tonight.
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