October 17th, 2003


You'll take it and you'll like it ...

stephinextremis 69%
arakrune 57%
eamajyn 21%
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so there are some one there now ... yay ... I'm working on getting michael to take it ... that should be funny.

off to see the fishies in a few ... yay fishies!

Had an incredibly great night last night ... Went into work for a couple hours to do paperwork, and watched them do a pyometra surgery. Those are trippy to watch ... pus filled uterus like a big organic water balloon ...

Met up with Michael after he got off work, and we went up to Long Beach to meet up with Heather, Jay, Aronda and Cristoff. I don't get to see them nearly enough, especially Heather. She's my favorite friend to grope. We hung out at an apartment for a while, drank beer, then went to Alex's Bar and drank more ... Cristoff wandered off and disappeared while on a journey for tacos. Not too out of the ordinary for him.

There was much embarrassing discussion of my past, as heather has known me a long, long time. We were bonding over who we had in common ...

It was also decided that I am heather's white (later expanded to tattooed trailer park white trash) best friend, while Aronda is Heather's black best friend. I'm not entirely sure why the distinction needed to be made, but apparently it did.

We ended up walking to the same taco place later, but alas, no vegetarian food for Kasey.

After Heather was toasted enough she decided she needed to go home and pass out, Michael and I left, i got some vegetarian food, and we went back to his house, where i stayed until the wee hours of the morning. Now I've got to go wake him up ... this should be fun.

It's been years since i snuck into my mom's house, early in the morning, with my makeup smeared, my hair collapsed, and my stockings in my purse ... funny, the things that make me feel seventeen again.

I've decided that I will be able to give up soda for tea ... it works for two days, and i think it will continue to work ... i just need to stock up on my tea.

Apparently, while I was on birth control, i was even crazier and harder to deal with than I thought i was ... I really have to say, my boy did an incredible job through all that taking care of me and keeping me rational. i am grateful ...

tonight ... busy, busy, busy ... aquarium till evening, then I've got this kitten thing going on, then Heather wants me to hang out again. And I probably will, as Jay and Aronda are only in town until next week. I still have to give them their wedding present, too.
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