October 26th, 2003



We just had to put a dog to sleep ...


She's been in my hospital dozens of times. She suffered from chronic renal failure, and her owner took very good care of her for years, giving her fluids and medications and special foods. We all recognize her when she comes in.

She was diagnosed with pancreatitis a few days ago, at her regular vet's office, and was transferred here Saturday to be kept on fluids for the weekend. On the transfer sheet, the referring vet noted, "owner knows this is end stage/last shot kind of thing." All day, while she was here, she was not able to stop vomiting, despite repeated injections of metaclopramide and cimetidine. After midnight, she started looking weaker and weaker, and finally, just after 2am, she was no longer able to hold herself up.

The doctor called the owner, and she was down here within a few minutes. She sat with Molly for a little while, and made the decision to put Molly to sleep.

Merciful woman, she really is.

So that's what we did. Molly went quietly ...

Sometimes these things really get to me. Especially when the dog is sweet ... especially when the owner cares so much for the animal, and has only the pet's best interests at heart.

Sometimes I cry. But not when anyone can see me.
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murphy's law in action!

I worked almost 14 hours last night, we ran out of euthanol and valium, the freezer is full, and I had to have a "let's discuss how you refer clients to other hospitals" talk with a tech, and these fires are way, way too close for comfort ...

and i come home to find that the bird somehow managed to escape his cage at some point between friday evening and now, and shredded everything in the kitchen within his reach, including a bag of trash that i needed to take out.
The kitchen is now a small sea of shredded paper.
And the bastard bit the hell out of my hand when I went to put him back.

oh yeah, life is good.

i did at least find out that my house is insured, if it burns down. Yay.

and i know what i'll grab if i, by some horible chance, get evacuated ... cats, dog, and bird go into carriers ... computer and pictures ... after that, it's whatever else i can stuff into my car.

I probably am thinking too much about it ... but it's close enough that I worry ... i can see plumes of smoke from the San Bernardino fire coming over the hill behind my house ...

lots more to whine about, but no point in sharing ...
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I wonder, if i turn all the lights on, and turn the radio way up, will i feel less alone?

an experiment i may have to try.

grey cat
You are a smoke grey cat. You're very peaceful and
comfortable to be around, and you like to spend
time in quiet places. Lay off on the lithium,

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I like grey kitties.
There's a grey kitty in Garden Grove named Butterball that's going to come home with me someday.

I was supposed to go hang out with Charles tonight, but that didn't happen. With the disaster that was this morning, I didn't get to bed until after noon, so I didn't wake up until eight. We were going to go get food, but i have no money ... nothing, nada. And the house ... disaster. With the damage done by the cats and the bird, I've got quite the project.

I feel bad. Hanging out with Charles is fun. But I am overwhelmed tonight.

I am making progress with the house ... shredded paper has been swept into a manageable pile. Dishes are done. Trash is picked up and taken out. I still need to do some of the heavy cleaning and vacuum, but progress has been made.

Sitting here looking at my stairs, I can see the layer of cat hair on the carpet like a thick layer of fog ... and I wonder why i can't keep my allergies under control.

this money situation sucks ... i was thinking about going to see Michael tonight, but I can't even afford gas.

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alright, enough slacking. back to scrubbing.
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