October 27th, 2003


Smoke and haze

It's smoky up here today ... but that's not a bad thing. It was clear yesterday, because the wind was blowing in from the desert and clearing the smoke out toward the coast. At least the winds have slowed for now.

Part of Crestline burned. That's not a town I'd like to get trapped in during a fire. I have a couple friends up there ... I wonder if they are all okay.

Had an extremely productive night last night. X-box is hooked up upstairs. I set up a stereo upstairs, only to find that it was in worse condition than i had thought, and I can only listen to FM radio with it, and mostly through one speaker. New goal - find a cheapo stereo for use in my room, so I can play Mazzy Star on an endless loop. (Marge understands.)
Got the living room cleaned up, kitchen mostly cleaned up, vacuumed the downstairs, put my laundry away, and washed my rugs. I'm sure my neighbors love my 3am vacuuming.
This week, sometime, I've got to work on the upstairs.

today - school, work. I'm going to try and get to OC after school, for at least a little bit, but I don't anticipate getting down there before 11.

Is anyone going to the lj meetup tomorrow?
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The view from here ...

this is what I walked outside to tonight ... if nothing else, it's beautiful, in a terrifying sort of way ...

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looks like I might get down there a little earlier than i expected, since my teacher bored me enough to cause me to leave class at the break ... bad kasey, i know.
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