October 29th, 2003


just like my mother?

My mom took to the puppy much better than I expected. As soon as she saw it, she totally fell in love with it. She stayed home from work today to help me take care of it.

That woman really surprises me sometimes.

We talked in the morning when i got to her house, while she was holding the pup. She told me that she could never do what I do for a living, and I asked her how, if she couldn't handle the stress of the animal ER, she was able to handle working in the human ER, as she did when she was younger.
"I love animals. I really couldn't give a damn about the people that came in there."

We're more alike than I like to admit sometimes. Our misanthropy took us in different directions, though.

So the puppy made it through the day, though he wasn't looking great at points. By nighttime, he was trying to climb out of his basket. I took him to work to stay in the incubator while I went to the LJ Meetup.

Meetup was fun. I met some new people, chatted with people I know. Talked to an interesting guy from Oregon, who's lj name I can't find. Damn. Oh well.

After that, Season and I went over to TC, hung out, talk and all the usual. She wasn't that comfortable there, but she handled it well. I can't even remember who all was there tonight, just one of those nights that fades in with the rest.

Managed to gross out Brett a bit by groping at Michael. That was fun.

Shaun showed up, all mobster style in a suit. The look works for him. I did learn that grabbing the tie and pulling him is a bad idea.

I want a suit ... something nice, and tailored to fit me well. feminine/masculine, Marlene Dietrich style. Someday.

I'm at work right now, and Michael just left ... tonight, I'm going to stay down here, and stay at his house. Yeah ... all sorts of good stuff. Hookah bar plans for tomorrow were canceled, so I'm thinking I might go to the Hub for the Jay Buchanan show. It really depends what time I wake up, since I'll have both dogs with me, and while I can carry the pup, Flea has to go to my mom's house. So it would be me driving from home, to Garden Grove, then to Fullerton, then eventually to Costa Mesa.

If the logistics work out, I'll show up.

Otherwise, I'm just going to try to scam myself some money from my family and I'll probably end up at a bar. A couple drinks and it's all the same anyway.
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Just one puppy pic ...

Here's my newest little munchkin ...
no, i swear i'm not getting attached ...

I just brought him home, and the cats don't know what to think. Goyle tried to climb in the basket with him.

uh-oh ...

looks like i overslept and screwed up all my plans ... this is what i get for never sleeping enough ...

but the puppy was still doing ok after i slept all day. Yay.
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