October 31st, 2003


Go buy some porn!

First, every one needs to go buy porn. Right now. this is why. So go buy protest porn. Or at least look at some.

It's been a hectic day ...

as previously noted, i overslept horribly yesterday and missed out on the jay buchanan show. i do stuff like that sometimes.

I came down anyway and met up with michael for dinner and alcohol. this is what we do ... we eat, we drink, no wonder we're getting pudgy. but it's not a bad life. So we went to harbor house and then to Little Knight ... no deviation from the usual. The usual makes a damn good vodka collins, and that's certainly nice. Went back to his house, and I stayed there.
It's kind of a pain, having the puppy with me ... had to find ways to keep the pup separated from Michael's dogs, but Griffin is used to sleeping in Michael's room. So it was a bit tricky. But staying over there ... quite good.

I think I'm going to kidnap him Friday night and bring him home with me. ;)

Today, I woke up at Michael's house at about 1600 ... drove to my mom's, showered and changed, then drove my brother to the airport. Went to Marge's work for birdfood, and then to Michael's work for dinner. Back to my mom's house to grab something I had left and to drop Flea off, then the really fun part ... I drove up to my house in Moreno Valley, fed the bird, cleaned the litterboxes, and grabbed clothes for a few more days, and then drove back down to Costa Mesa and met up with everyone that was still outside TC. There was a creepy guy there, talking way more about program than I ever cared to hear. Watched Michael play DOD, and talked to Spicer about work stuff.

Some days, i feel bad for my car.

I stayed around until about 0300, then back here to my mom's to catch up on e-mail, lj, and sleep.

The puppy got a new name ... Michael's mom named him Che. I like it.
He's doing really well. At 0145 Thursday, he started eating on his own. I'm still feeding him the Nutrical, but the more real dog food he eats, the better. He's getting handled so much right now ... he's going to be quite well socialized.

Marge, you're going to kill me ...
Justin is buying me a ticket to the Genitorturers show tomorrow night ... I couldn't say no ...

Hopefully, it will end at a reasonable hour and i will have a chance to go by the party.

forgive me?

Tomorrow, I've got to find a way to make Kelly a punk. This should be fun.

and this gets funnier everytime i check it ...

sturmcrow 76%
coldfyre_13 76%
stephinextremis 69%
dreamnowandthen 68%
dreammadeflesh 65%
wubby 65%
arakrune 57%
goatalicious 36%
conrax 34%
chatrient 28%
eamajyn 21%
heartcooksbrain 21%
pink80s 12%
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Little things

KMFDM is playing 11/21/03, at the galaxy ... I'm probably going to go ... everyone should go ...

Puppy is still doing well this morning, and eating like a pig. I woke up to an empty basket, and found him sleeping on a pile of laundry. Fucking adorable.

So, it takes a lot to really make me angry. I get irritated, sure, but there aren't many things that make me genuinely mad ... passionately, violently, burning-in-the-pit-of-my-stomach mad. I'll tolerate a lot, I'm pretty passive.

Someone really, really has to fuck up in a big way to get any anger out of me. My first reaction is usually to ignore ... you don't exist to me, and I won't waste any emotion on you. The next stage is more active ... I have rage and i will hold onto it, use it.

It bothers me a bit. I'd prefer to keep things at the "ignore" level ... to actively dislike takes more energy than i like to spend. But some people just don't stop with the stupidity, and I can't help but get that angerdisgustrage feeling.

I love some people, am indifferent toward most, and hate a very select few. Hopefully, they know to stay the fuck away from me and mine. :)

So a ticket for me has been secured ... I'm going to the show tonight, with Justin. Should be interesting. I'm not sure what I'm doing with the puppy for that time, though. I don't want to leave him home ... but I don't want to leave him in the car, it's too cold. I'm sure I'll figure something out.
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