November 1st, 2003


Lovely Halloween

I had this nifty little Halloween ...

got to wear my corset out for once. with lots of fishnetting, high heels, and a little bitty skirt. Pictures may be posted.

dropped by tc, made kelly all punkrock, saw some people, passed the pup around, took some pictures of the people there.

went to the show with Justin, who I don't get a chance to see often anymore. Ran into a bunch of friends from way, way back. It was quite weird to see people I haven't seen in forever ... they didn't recognize me, it's been that long. not that they didn't remember me, but things, i, have changed so much.
Watched a girl i remember as being a slut years ago whore herself out for a Genitortures band member ... the fundamentals don't really change, only appearances ...

Saw a band called Hanzel und Gretyl that i really liked live, so i bought the cd. Did some dancing in a minor sort of way.

Left a few minutes early, I wanted to try and catch Michael and the end of Marge's party. Michael was a little tricky to find, but i found him, and when I talked to Marge it sounded like the party was dying down. So Michael and I went to Jeremy's, had more drinks (i drank a couple at the show) and then back to his house.

And I don't know how to say this without giving out more info than i really ever like to give out, so i'll put it simply.
Goddamn, he makes me feel good.


and seeing the way things are, and getting a peek at the way things could have been ... i'm so grateful that things worked out this way.
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Had some very interesting, very revealing conversations recently ... not with who you would expect, unless you really know me and know how much trouble i get myself into ...

anyway ...

funny, to me, to see the effect i've had ... no, not funny, really. the whole situation isn't funny. just odd. but i underestimated how much of an impression i made ...

to get someone to admit the jealousy, the regret ... and what's done is done and you did it. bed made, lie. I'm not going back. Not that I never cared, or wasn't hurt. but things are so good now ...

why on earth would I fuck up what I have? I'm not so stupid ...
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