November 16th, 2003


Aftermath ...

So I'm sitting here with Jeremy and Sam. We've picked up a lot of stuff, but the house is still a disaster. Condom remnants litter the floor, especially the corner where Beemer Chris passed out. And he had the balls to bitch at me this morning about people writing on his face. He's lucky he didn't get his ass kicked last night.

The party went off pretty well, or I was just too drunk to notice if it didn't. I did not puke this time. I got three rolls of film, which i will hopefully get developed this week, and Charles took pictures with his camera. I'm kinda sad ... I left my digital camera in Ben's car on Friday, so I can't post any pics.

Lots of people arrived fashionably late ... I wish more people stayed longer, but i know what a bitch of a drive it is.

I spent most of the time walking around with glowsticks and hello kitty paraphernalia jammed into my cleavage. Glowsticks were on sale at the grocery store, I couldn't resist. Also on sale at the store was a hello kitty birthday cake ... i had to have it. I still have most of it, in my fridge ... anyone want cake?

i had fun ... i'm glad it's over though. I can only take so much stimulation.
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