November 24th, 2003

short and red

I don't actually play the video games ...

So I spent my Sunday, for the most part, watching Charles play FFX and retouching pictures ... Organizing and retouching these pics takes forever, btw. It's gonna be a while before they make it to the website. I'm working on making copies of the CD for everyone who has asked. That in itself is not going too smoothly either.

I think I'm getting sick ... my sinuses hurt, my ears hurt ... I don't want to spend this winter sick.

Today, i have school ... ugh ... and then work. I'm gonna try to get to OC by 11 so I can see people before work, but I dunno if that's gonna happen. I'll try though, and I'll have a couple copies of the picture CD with me. Charles, you forgot to take yours.

It has been proven that my new shelf will hold Goyle's weight. Fucking monkey cat has to climb on everything.

and nothing else to say for this moment ...
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