December 3rd, 2003


Sometimes, I sleep too much.

I knew it would happen, just because it was so quiet all night at work ... 0730, just after I've shut everything down and am getting the hospital ready to close, a little kitty comes in that was spayed the day before at her regular vet. She had torn open her stitches and was bleeding all over the place ... luckily, she only got the skin sutures and not the ones holding her guts in. So she has to be anesthetised, we sew it up, do a blood test to see how much blood she's lost, and put a lampshade collar on her. It's already past closing by the time i get that done.
So i get out of the hospital at 0830, and drive down to Newport Hills to pick up some pet food for the clinic, and finally get to go home.

My grand accomplishment for the day was figuring out how to set the clock on my car stereo. And I changed the button colors from green to red! nifty!

Slept all day, then Michael came over at 1900 and I took him out to dinner. Ran into my family there ... apparently my mom will only speak to me when she's in front of other people and will look bad if she tries to ignore me. Nummy Italian food, followed by the worse food coma ever and a nap at Michael's house before I went to work.

and now ... work. One twitchy cocker spaniel, named Brandy (third Brandy this week). Every couple hours, she twitches more, and I shoot some more Valium into her, and then she goes back to normal twitch.

Michael stopped by, even though he had to study for his final. I don't know why he's worried about his final ... he's all sorts of smart. I'm stressing about my final in two weeks. I think I'll do well enough to be near the top of the curve, but that's only because my class is full of idiots.

I need to clean my car out ... it's starting to smell funny and I have more shoes and jackets in there than i do in my house ... I don't see myself having the free time to do that anytime soon. Christie wants to hang out this week, maybe go to a bar. Michael is coming up to the house tomorrow after class, we may isolate for a while up there. (read: kasey getting some.) I've got lots of projects going on around the house. Life is busy.

I've got a bit of an issue I'd like some input on, if anyone wants to help ...
I have a very good friend who is also an extremely devout christian. Way into it, the baby jesus has saved her soul, whatever. It doesn't offend me at all, it brings her comfort and happiness. When I have issues, she tells me she's going to pray for me, and that doesn't bother me either. I'm happy that she keeps me in her thoughts.
Now, I am soooo not christian. I'm pretty dedicated in my agnosticism. I'm not searching for faith, there is no god-shaped void in me, in short, i'm not religious.
So the issue is this. Sometimes (and this comes in waves) she gets a little pushy with me over the religion thing. She knows my stance on it, and I've asked her very nicely a few times that we not discuss religion. I've told her that she is not going to convince me of anything. She seems to feel that I will "find jesus" eventually, and it's her goal to lead me there. I actually told her (jokingly) the other day that I was considering converting to Judaism, and that bothered her a lot more than I thought it would.
So ... I'm getting a little fed up with the increasing proselytizing. And ideas on how to tactfully handle this? maybe i should just continue to put up with it as a cost of the friendship, because I'm not willing to risk that. She's very valuable to me as a friend. ugh ... i just do not want anyone trying to convert me.
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Unappetizing pasta.

I'm in an odd mood tonight ... waiting for Michael to come up here, and nothing to do but wait ... I was hungry, so I made myself dinner, and now I have this plate of ravioli sitting in front of me and I don't want to eat it. Fucking stomach.

Went to Trader Joe's on the way home this morning ... spent lots of money ... got many bottles of the tea I am addicted to (hey, it got me off diet coke) and lots of pricey little organic things, marinated tofu and whole-wheat pasta and such. I love Trader Joes ... even if picking out a loaf of bread is a 20 minute process.

I'm out of smokes, have been since early this morning ... too lazy to go get more, so I'll suffer without ... Michael talks again of quitting, and that's a good thing, except I remember how pained he was last time he tried to quit, and I know how bitchy I get when I don't have cigarettes ... we might end up killing each other if we try to stop.
Nothing in my life has ever been as difficult to quit as smoking. Drugs are a far distant second. Maybe third, after caffeine.

I tried using Photoshop again today and discovered two things. One, that I still suck with photoshop. Two, my cracked version is buggy and won't allow me to save any of the crap i make. It took me nearly an hour to realize both these things.

i should probably get in the shower and be at least somewhat productive with my day.
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