December 14th, 2003


shiny boots

I got new boots, all warm and snuggly ... and of course, shiny.
I went to Target just to get a giftcard for the gift exchange on Tuesday, but I walked by the shoe section, and these boots just called out to me, so i had to get them. The shine from the vinyl caught my eye.
I was good, and didn't get anything from Hello Kitty. Though i was tempted.

We just got back from dinner ... Chili's has nummy margaritas.

I am now completely broke. Yay for getting paid tomorrow. So I can go blow that check on more Xmas presents.

It's odd coming home to anyone being in my house. Sometimes Michael is here, and that I got used to. Now it's Charles, sometimes Michael, and maybe Lisa ... this place is getting cozy.

Though I think Michael is about to strangle Lisa.

Tonight, i really have to study for my final tomorrow. I should be studying right now ... but I'm not. I think we're going to curl up and watch movies, or maybe I'm going to stand in a hot shower and hope that my respiratory tract will open up. but yeah, all sorts of relaxing nothing going on up here tonight.
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