December 20th, 2003


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Busy, busy, busy.

Went to Wright Manor last night and had lotsa fun. Tried the absinthe, but i was driving, so i couldn't really indulge. Made fun of Marge (sorry, sweetie), worked on my needlepoint, watched Family Guy, let Michael scrape marks into my skin.

Yesterday afternoon, I went and saw Brent. We watched Goonies at the apartment of his friend. Talked a while. it was nifty. He's back to old ways. No surprise.

TC briefly, mostly to see Steph before she flew away. Decided the new girl that is hanging around is not a girl but a Chihuahua and will be referred to as such.

Came home last night, crashed out, and now I woke up and i get to drive back to OC for Brad's birthday dinner. Yay. And I won't see my house again until Sunday night. And Charles is gone, so no one will be keeping the cats company.
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