December 22nd, 2003


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I just brought home the crow (caged) and the kitty (loose in my room).
There is all sorts of animal chaos going on here. All the other animals are freaked out, except for Oberon, who is unfazed by anything.

Christmas dinner went well. I got some nice stuff. they all liked Michael, especially in comparison to previous boyfriends.

Charles is a sweetie and made icon for me (since i hate graphics programs).

Time for beer, it's been a long day.
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Quite amusing to find that some people have no sense of humour whatsoever. I laugh, and then i don't give a damn.

Kitty is adjusting fairly well. He's living under my bed for now, but he'll come out when i call him.
The crow is, well, being a crow. Crows don't do a whole lot. This one doesn't even serve coffee.

I think Michael was supposed to call work today to see if he was going in, but he isn't waking up for anything. He should just give up and get a graveyard shift job. It worked for me ...

I want to stop coughing. It'll probably get better sometime around March or so ... I don't feel so sick anymore, it just a constant cough.

I got the warmest blanket ever for christmas yesterday ... it's full of feathers. It just replaced two heavy comforters on my bed, and it was almost too warm. The cover is velveteen, all snuggly soft. Yay for feathers.

Don't know what the plan is for today. I work tonight, tomorrow after work I'm probably going to take Sammy to my friend's hospital to be boarded over the holidays. I work the rest of this week ... ugh.
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