December 23rd, 2003


Mystery, scandal, intrigue, drama!

it's like a cheap paperback, only not nearly as interesting.

I want these holidays to be over. I want two days off in a row so i can run to the desert and lie on smooth rocks and watch the sky pass over me. I want it to rain - pour - on Christmas Day. I want to be able to spend enough time at my own house this week to do at least one load of laundry. I want to put the new sheets that are under the tree on my bed and cuddle up on them with Michael. I want my crow to not hate me. I want to find a super-loving home for the kitty I took home Sunday. I want a stiff drink and a book I haven't read before.

I think I want to sleep. But I'll put that off for a bit.

Nuclear family Christmas tonight. Per my request, we're having yams. I love yams, and until I get my oven (which I can't have installed until I know I'm going to be home for a full day) I can't bake things. Oven cooked food is a luxury in my world. Open presents (I have a couple packages under the tree, and I have identified the contents of all but one) and then I go back to work. After that, I go home, check on the animals, hope everything is still alive, and then fade into unconsciousness. And then ... back to work for Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve is actually the shift I get paid doubletime for, since it technically starts on Christmas Day. It is guaranteed that I will show up on time, if not early for that.

Work last night was slow ... one angry, angry kitty that managed to puncture a hole in my thigh, of all places, and took off running across the hospital when the owner came to get her. That was embarrassing. Dr. Harris gave me a Christmas present, a bottle of really nice wine. I think I'm going to give her the needlepoint project I'm working on. It's not a big thing, but it is something I'm putting a lot of work into and I think she'll appreciate it.

I think I'm going to submit to the sleep idea now ...
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i kinda miss toys.

It's odd, getting 'adult' presents. Tonight, i got from my family a food processor (I'm still not quite sure what they do, but many recipes say i need one), two sets of soft sheets, and a bag of grocery-type goodies. Detergent and toothpaste and paper towels and such. And $5 to In-and-Out Burger. I'll get the oven when I have a day off.

Getting stuff is so much less fun than giving it. I was so happy seeing the expression on Season's face when I gave her a present. Heather's face last year when I gave her a purple velvet jacket. I can't wait until Michael opens the stuff I bought him. I'm nervous ... I hope he likes it.

Funny, at dinner ... my mom doesn't treat any of the other members of my family any better than she treats me. She asked what I would like for Christmas dinner, and I had told her yams. So she makes yams. My dad makes a comment that they haven't had yams in a long time.
Mom:"You don't like yams."
Dad:"I like ..."
Mom:"You and Brad don't eat potatoes. You don't like yams."
And that was the end of that discussion, and my poor dad looks down at his plate and continues eating yams.

I think I might stay in tonight ... I have no clean clothes, I haven't even taken a shower yet. I should work on my needlepoint. I finished most of the body of the kitty last night, I just have to do the face details, the flowers, and the outline. It's coming out well.

I need to go get my nails done soon ... time is always the problem. Maybe sunday if I wake up early enough ... maybe monday ... maybe ...

I've made plans to go out to the desert with my family near the end of January. This is going to be a fun experiment ... My family, Michael, and I crammed into a motorhome for three days in the middle of nowhere, pretending I don't smoke. Oh yeah, good times. I'll get to ride my quad again ... i'll have fun.
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