January 3rd, 2004


PS2, rasberry cider, and creepy old men

Charles, Michael is kicking your ass at FFX.
Consequently, I've had little chance to play my new game. I was gonna today, but he beat me to the PS2. Maybe tomorrow ... maybe I should just buy myself a second PS2.

I've been being a bit of a hermit along with dreammadeflesh, drinking, playing video games, and working. We drank a bottle of wine, plus a couple of beerish type drinks, between the two of us yesterday. I did go get my nails put on yesterday after a long cider induced nap, and they are red and shiny and sharp. The girl tried to convince me that i needed flowers painted on my toes, but i was strong and resisted. I am having a bit of a hard time typing, but I will get used to it again.
I kinda like being hermit-like. I just can't do it alone.
It's been too cold to go outside anyway.

Lunch with stephinextremis was much fun. Jalapeno poppers and raspberry cider. I ordered a salad that made no mention of meat on the menu, and was greatly disappointed to find that it came with little bits of chopped up meat. So I spent much time and energy picking meat out of an otherwise nummy salad. But the company and conversation was wonderful. Much discussion of uteri was had.
I got hit on by a creepy guy out front while smoking and waiting for steph. He talked about getting drunk and doing coke while his kids (who looked to be about my age) honked at him from the parking lot, trying to get him to go. He wanted my number ... I informed him that I was not available for dating. It was just weird ...

Tonight, I work, as always on Saturday nights. Thursday night, I organized the office and started setting up this year's drug/x-ray/laboratory/surgery logs. Hopefully no damage will have been done to any of it while i had a day off.
I have this obsession with paperwork and organization ... it's scary. I once had a job where i mostly had to read through and sort medical records, and i loved it. I'm trying to take over the billing department at my work now. It's a sickness, i tell you.
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