January 7th, 2004


blah blah work blah

I was all set for a nice, quiet night at work, plenty of time to get some paperwork done and break into the locked file cabinets. Two animals were in the hospital, both stable and requiring little attention. Michael stopped by to see me. We went out to smoke a cigarette.

And then a Suburban pulls up, and a panicked woman jumps out, crying and screaming. Her dog is in the back, looking better than she described, but still, not looking so great. Turns out, it ate a fair amount of snailbait a few hours previously, and then had a massive seizure at home. So Michael and I lift it out of the truck and get it into the hospital. It drools all over my sleeve.

After the paperwork and office visit and gathering of vital signs and approving of the estimate, it's five am and I'm looking at having to anesthetize this 103 pound labrador, pump its stomach, give it an enema, and pump it full of liquid charcoal. No one should be awake having to do these things at five am. Especially the enema.

Dog did fine. Hospital made lots of money. I ran myself ragged.

Now it's eleven am, and I screwed up my sleep schedule yesterday (how? by not going straight to bed after I got home, choosing instead to play a couple hours of Kingdom Hearts) so I'm finding it impossible to fall asleep ... which realy sucks because i have to be up in five hours to get ready to be back at work at six pm.

I miss the outside world.

I talked this morning to one of the doctors on the board of my hospital ... I told him what I have been doing, what I am capable of doing, and what needs to be done at my hospital ... he seemed very happy to hear that I am willing to take on more projects, and willing to do the paperwork ... I think I'm that much closer to becoming more of an administrative type person there, which is what I want ... He may be meeting with me at 6 tonight, so hopefully I'm not all groggy if he does come in. He's the first of the doctors on the board I've been able to get a call back from ... I've left messages to several different doctors regarding issues that have come up at the clinic, and usually I can't get a call back.
I don't think I've even mentioned in here the work situation (besides my whining about working all the time) ... Our manager was let go, as of Jan. 1. The board, which consists of area vets that all own a share in the hospital, decided that instead of hiring or promoting someone to replace her, they would just divide up her duties among themselves. This is not working so well, and I'm running in circles just trying to keep the clinic functional. There are just too many things to be done, that doctors don't want to spend their time doing.
I don't mind spending my time doing these things. As long as I am well paid for it and not worked to death, I'll do anything I am capable of. I just need the authority given to me.

Long story short, they should promote me to manager and let me run the fucking clinic.
It makes sense to me, anyway.

I really should try and sleep again before I get delusional. I'm supposed to meet up with Michael after work tonight, which will be nice ... maybe I'll take him out to dinner with money I don't have.
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