January 12th, 2004


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Someday I'll be emotionally stable ... right.

Me being irritated last night because they put on a movie i really didn't want to see, on a night when I didn't want to sit around and watch a movie, turned into me having a breakdown and totally losing it in the car in front of the store. Good times had by all.

Then I got drunk and got over it for a while. nope, no self-medication here, no way.

Oh well. Michael still seems to love me, and I'm over it. Happens.

He's so good to me.

More work drama ... I'm exhausted with work drama. I don't want to go in early tonight and deal with it, but I have to. People stirring up rumors to entertain themselves, and I work with a bunch of fucking women who are so happy to spread gossip around.

I want to see people this week ... I mean, I see people, but not often, and I hardly go out anymore. I think a bit of my discontent lately has been due to the fact that Michael and I have both been so broke, and our options are very limited by that.

but enough whine ... i go back to bed now.
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Sammy is peeing blood. The doctor I talked to on Sunday suggested that he may have a bladder stone. So guess who's coming to work with me tonight?

The poor baby hates going in the car. But I don't feel safe leaving him alone until I get back Wednesday. If he blocks up completely ... bad stuff. If he does have a stone, we might have to do a cystotomy tonight. that should be fun.

Michael is being a sweetie and bringing Flea down with him later tonight so I don't have to take both animals at the same time. They really don't like that.

I planned to sleep in today ... of course, i wake up at 12 and that was the end of that idea. I tried to go back to sleep for a few hours, but i just laid there and stared at the ceiling like usual ... this insomnia is driving me crazy. I wake up after four hours and can never get back to sleep.

I really need to get going to work now ... have to go in early to yell at Jamie.
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