January 17th, 2004



there was a party tonight.

i am now a little bit angry at a few people for several different reasons.

but whatever, i don't care, i'm hiding up in moreno valley for the next few days. you guys deal with it.

there are people i am so happy with ...
there's no bonding like sticking your hand down your friend's cleavage. especially when they're wearing the good bra.
Michael is a sweetie and drove me home and didn't bitch that i slept all the way.
thank you, marge, for the drinks. it's been ages since i got drunk outside my house.

kitties demand my attention.
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I love Leonard Cohen. Have I declared that here? anyway, i do. That man's voice does things to me ...

I've doublebooked myself for Wednesday. Cody & Joe, I think I'm gonna have to postpone our date, as I'm supposed to get together with a friend who will be moving out of state at the end of the week. I may never see her again ... i hope you understand.
I'm gonna miss Christie. I really like her.

The guy I was hiring to replace her now only wants part-time work, and doesn't yet know what days he can work. Grr. Ad is going in the paper on monday.

I told Dr. Harris today that I was getting behind on paperwork. Her suggestion (that i'm already doing, anyway) is to go in on my time off. My response is what time off ... i had two days off this last week ... spent one sleeping and trying to to fall into a black hole of gloom, and spent the other catching up with people i hardly get to see anymore. I guess i'm just going to have to manufacture some more spare time.
Oh well, may as well get all the hours i can before school starts. If i'm even able to go this semester.

I got new boots yesterday ... jungle boots from the army surplus store. They're surprisingly comfortable. I wore them to the party last night, i work them to the store this morning, I wore them to clean the cat's room, i'm still wearing them. Michael says that they look "butch" ... doesn't bother me. my momma doesn't wear combat boots ... but i do ...

To the sand dunes this weekend ... I need to find someone to Flea-sit. He doesn't handle this traveling/camping thing so well. I don't want to board him, i don't think he'd like that much better. Anyone want to babysit a spastic chihuahua for a couple days? He's not so bad if you walk him every, i dunno, 20 minutes or so.
I might have to come home early to fill a sunday night shift, if i can't find anyone else to do it. ugh.

Kelly gave me Xmas presents ... a cute pink panther pants and shirt set, and a little red hot topic shirt. She's a doll ... and the clothes are great.
Speaking of clothes, i found the niftiest store while I was out with Steph on Friday afternoon. I got a Johnny Cash shirt, the one i wore to the party, and a shawl and some other stuff. I saw a Jack Skellington belt buckle that I must have as soon as i get a belt.
I must go buy a belt.

and I will go to work tonight ... and hopefully it will be quiet and uneventful so i can get some paperwork done.
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