January 26th, 2004


"I'll sleep when I'm dead."

Called back into action one last time.. by bananabomb
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Gurgie picked up Michael's creepy laugh ... it's so great, and he's got it dead on. Beautiful.
For as much as that bird can be a bastard, he's so cool sometimes.

Just watched Once Upon A Time In Mexico ... Johnny Depp is so the greatest thing ever .... *swoon* I also rented Drunken Master, but i took a nap and Michael watched it while I was asleep.

And I picked up the most tacky, tasteless icon ever. I love it.
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i got class ...

well, i have classes, anyway.

I am starting to realize that while my little local community college offers many classes, it offers few that I need, and when it does offer one that I need, it offers it at a most inconvenient time, like 8;00 am Monday morning.

So this semester I am taking classes that interest me, and next semester I'll probably have to go to the main Riverside campus. I've got nine units this semester. I'm a science major and I have yet to take a science or math class. And this is my third semester and I still haven't picked up my student ID.

Monday 6-9:30 Principles of Management (I'll drop this if I don't get the management position at work)
Wednesday 6-9;30 Abnormal Psychology
Thursday 6-9:30 Marriage and Family Relations

I wanted to take more afternoon classes, but it seems like all the classes are either early morning or in the evening. I'm not avoiding the morning classes out of laziness, either, I just can never guarantee that I'll get home from work on time.

Michael turned my cat into a catnip junkie. Goyle is on his towel, covered in catnip, nodding out. This is pretty much how he exists now ... I'm starting to worry that he's gonna pawn my stuff for catnip while i'm gone.

I took a picture of Michael in his underwear and he got all pissy at me and put on pants. This is a sad thing ... he's cute in his underwear. so grouchy sometimes.

I'm coming down there sometime tonight ... Have to pick up Flea (Fleeeeeeaaa!) and have to go to work. I miss Flea so much ... Marge said he was a good little dog at their house, and that makes me so happy. But I miss him and want him back.

It was so nice out in the desert ... cold, and empty, and beautiful. more stars than anywhere else. My legs still ache from riding and walking. The first night we were out there, we went for a walk from camp down to the canal that flows through the desert. Looking at the map later, it appears to be a distance of 1 - 1/2 miles each way, across a valley of soft sand. Michael and I slept well that night, in fact, he fell asleep in front of the campfire.
The lack of privacy, sharing a motorhome with my parents, was annoying but dealable. We made up for it once we got back to my house, anyway. I can't smoke in front of my mom (don't ask) so I got through the weekend on two stealthily smoked cigarettes. Proved to myself that I would be able to quit. Which I will do ... soon.

I'm very eager to go back and do it again.
Michael wants to go to the river and so do I. Season, you are coming with us. I just have to find a space in my schedule ... tough to do. Especially since school will start soon. Not that soon, Feb. 17. like i keep saying, work should settle down sometime soon ... right.
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