February 3rd, 2004


Shot glass full of breast milk

Last night was quite odd.

I saw a transvestite drink a shot glass full of breast milk, snuggled Lindsey Davenport's Rottweiler puppy, and held a baby whose conception altered my life.

Before all that, I got my nails done, and Michael and I saw Monster, which is fucking great. I have a whole new respect for Charlize Theron. When we came out of the theater, the rain was coming down beautifully.

I soaked my shoes trying to cross the small creek that had developed in front of Michael's house, then we went and saw a friend of ours ad his new baby. I held it for a minute or so, then it started to get squirmy and made faces so i gave it back before it started screaming. It was a bit of a test for myself, to see if having a baby made me feel maternal at all. It did not.

I don't even know how to explain the transvestite drinking the shot glass full of breast milk, so i won't ... only to say that it made the toughest looking guy in the room vomit.

And a weird moment, in which i was defended and supported by a woman who owes me nothing more than a slap across the face ... Michael thinks she either has tons of self-esteem or none at all. I think she just knows she's got a firm grip on what she's got, and knows I was never really a threat, just a distraction.

Back to work tonight, and then I'm staying in OC tomorrow so I can spend my day off not alone.
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