February 18th, 2004


why do i get even get up every afternoon?

So I tried to go to school again today.

Wake up almost on time, drive down the hill in the rain, park in the crowded lot, trudge up the stairs (Michael has seen these stairs - they are treacherous).

Find the right class, the right room. Little yellow slip on the door ... "class canceled today. Please show up next week with text book."

So, no better time to head over to the bookstore (up more stairs) to get that and all my other books. Management class textbook - $128. Abnormal Psych textbook - $106. Bastards. And i think the albino-looking guy at the info desk was trying to flirt with me.

I've been a miserable bitch for the past few days now. One of the known side effects of the copper IUD is increased cramping and bleeding. The odds of me taking anything without suffering most of the side effects? Sim to none. I've been in pain ... not pain, PAIN for a few days. Aleve is barely taking the edge off. Pain changes my outlook on things in a distinctly negative fashion. I find myself angry; unable to be nice, even to those who deserve only the sweetness; crying at the drop of a hat; unable to see the good things.

Michael's tolerance amazes me sometimes.
I really don't like myself right now.

On the upside, an angry Kasey is a very efficient worker. Last night, I filled eight banker's boxes with files to go to storage. I went through each file and removed all paper clips so that they can be reused. I also cleaned surgery and fixed some accounting problems with one of our biggest clients (by pulling all records back to '97 and reviewing payments).

I thought about going to OC tonight, but i have things to do in OC Thursday and Friday night, so I think I'm going to hide up here until at least tomorrow afternoon. I really don't feel like driving in the rain, anyway.

I'm thinking about painting the bathroom light blue. Just for something a bit different. A slight change of scenery withing the confines of my house. I guess cleaning it would be a change of scenery too, but that's not as much fun.

someone tell me something happy ...
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