March 8th, 2004


whiskey, computers, and post-it notes

Michael is up here. It's nice.
I'm ditching school today. I don't really have the will to go, and I don't have my homework done.

Early Sunday morning, I was at work, inputting codes into the new computer system. I went to write up an estimate for a client on the old one (AVS), and it decided that it was no longer going to recognize the printer.
So I wrote up an estimate by hand, and spent the next few hours trying to get the computer to talk to the printer. It never did.
In the morning, I made an executive decision. Even though we were not ready, the codes were not all in, the inventory was not input, and most of the weekend staff was not fully trained, we were going to start using the system that morning. The doctor freaked out for two hours that we were not ready to do it.
We did it.
And you know what? it went okay. It was a little tough trying to train someone up so quickly. There were a lot of hastily scribbled post-it notes. But it's an easy, logical system, and everyone got the hang of it pretty quickly.
There's a huge weight off of my shoulders knowing that the new system is installed and running, and all i have to do from this point is fine-tune it. That, and count every pill in the hospital to note them in the system. That should be fun.

So michael has been up here since yesterday morning, and it is really wonderful. I love sharing my home with him. I love lying around in bed half the day and doing nothing. I love drinking whiskey with him until i can barely talk. He brought me a new bottle. Isn't that sweet?
We went out to dinner last night, put up with a rude waitress, drank margaritas and stuffed ourselves. We do this just about every Sunday night.

I don't want to go back to real life.
This week seems like it will be better than last, though. I actually get to sleep some nights.
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My parrot likes scones

Michael and I are entertaining ourselves by feeding the bird pieces of currant scones. It's odd to watch. The bird takes the pieces with his beak and moves them to his claw. He then stands on one food, holds the other foot up to his mouth, and nibbles at the bread. It's kinda cute. If only the little bastard wouldn't attack me when I try to handle him.

Thanks to my wonderful, sweet, loving dreammadeflesh, I now have a price list, in both dollars and yen, written on my thigh in marker that does not seem to want to wash off.

This I stole from kennfusion, and am posting here, as it needs to be seen by all, as it is immensely entertaining and surreal.
Work Safe Porn
There's something so odd about it ...

I've got to leave for work in a few. Consequently, I've got to find clean scrubs. I have one set that I know of, and hopefully a set at my mom's house. If not, I do some hurried laundry tomorrow and hope that no one at my mom's has any laundry in the machine.

My mood has improved greatly. Taking two days off from life in general, plus liberal quantities of liquor, seems to have been what my brain needed ... a break from the grind. Like I mentioned in my last entry, just getting the computer system up and running is a huge load off of my mind.
(Sidenote: I'm an unlicensed vet tech. I'm still wondering why it was my job to set up the computer system.)
Anyway, I'm still not feeling totally back to normal, but some of the blackness is lessened.

I have a couple leads on good therapists that I will be looking into. Hopefully, I can avoid ever having to go on medications, but I don't want to ever have to go through that again, either. These less few weeks have been hellish on me.

I read through other people's journals, and feel bad that I am unable to be there right now for my friends. I hope you all understand that it has been a struggle just to take care of myself. I will try to be a better friend, in the future.

Michael, to me, just a few minutes ago: "It's been a good night for both of us. I haven't lost my temper and you haven't broken down crying in nearly twenty-four hours now."
Yes, it is the healthiest of relationships.

I'm tentatively planning to take michael to the river for his birthday ... assuming we can both get the time off. i so need a real break. so does he.
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