March 13th, 2004


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Even though it can be difficult to arrange sometimes, as both of our schedules suck, it's really really nice when michael can stay with me.

last night was fun ... busy, but fun ...

we went to see season, and ended up running into jesse and lynn(?) as well. much silly conversation was had.

after that and a short nap, over to Joe and Cody's, where we learned to play Pillage and Plunder and met Cody's friend Leah and got to see Question and Brooke again. Cody took pictures with Joe's phone. Joe set up the hookah. Much fun was had by all.

I should get in the shower ... have to drive to my house and back before work today, since i only made it to garden grove last night ... and i'm thinking maybe we shouldn't have drank that whole bottle of wine before bed ...
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