March 31st, 2004


plotting and worrying

I'm supposed to hear back sometime today about the job. I'm so nervous. It all sounded good in the interview, and I think I'm good enough, and I have great references, and the doctor I worked with last night actually called ahead to give me a positive reference ...

but i'm still way nervous.

the job looks good. ten hour shifts. Medical, dental, vacation, continuing education with pay, and a 401k program. I've never seen an animal hospital offer benefits like this. I have the opportunity to learn new skills, like endoscopy and ultrasound and placing central lines. The place even has a kitty dialysis machine, for fucks sake. It's open 24 hours, so no more rushing to get everyone checked out and transferred at 8 am. No more transferring patients in my car. They have receptionists from 6am - 2am, so i'd have hardly any reception work, if any at all.

the downsides: no more fucking around. The place is busy. no more seeing michael at work, no more internet. No more bringing Flea to work with me. No more sitting on my ass all night, really.
Maybe that'll be good for me. I'm getting too lazy, anyway.

I've got a whole week of drug logs to finish tonight, then I'm not doing them anymore. It looks like the doctor started to try and do them herself on the day after i left the letter last week - she did one entry, and did it incorrectly. This place is really going to be a mess until someone takes it over from her ...

there was a new girl in here tonight ... Dr. Harris apparently hired her last friday. She's nice, but totally green ... like, she's only worked with horses, and not ever as a tech, but she's done "ride-alongs" a few times with a horse vet. These are the people Dr. Harris is replacing us with.

Speaking of replacing, I should get my resignation letter drafted out. not that I can send it until I hear back from ACCIM, but I want to have it at the ready, so i don't have to work here any longer than necessary. Two weeks notice seems far too long, but I'll offer it, and they'll take it. I wonder if they're going to give me any sort of a fight over vacation pay. I'm pretty well researched on the labor code at this point ... i'd love to see them try to screw me.

i get so happy when i have a project ... this is even more fun than getting the computers set up.

school tomorrow (later today) ... i overslept and missed class last week and i was quite sad about that. I hope I didn't miss too much.

Michael's presents came today! Two cd's. I was so happy to give them to him, even though i didn't wrap them or anything. I'm so happy when I can give presents that are appreciated ... I'm also happy that I have a boyfriend that can appreciate MC 900 Ft. Jesus and Crystal Method.

i also got my knitting book in the mail today ... anyone want to learn to knit with me???
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i got the job!!!

Usually I'm pissy when the phone wakes me up in the middle of the day, but when it's to tell me that I got the job I applied for, it's not so bad.

yup ... i got the job ...

so i faxed in my letter of resignation, and I'll drop off my hard copy tonight on my way into OC after school. gotta go by and pick up my paycheck anyway. Yay for paychecks ...

I told ACCIM that I would be available to start April 19. I'm giving myself an extra weekend after I quit. Just so that I can be unemployed for at least a few days.

and i got a fetus!

I adopted a cute lil' pirate fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!
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River Pics

Here are a selected few of the pics i took at the river ... I'll be nice and lj-cut them ...

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and in other good news, I got an A on my abnormal psych test, and i didn't miss anything by oversleeping last week, since the class was canceled. And there's a paycheck waiting for me in Costa Mesa. And I'm getting paid to dogsit this weekend. not a bad day, really.
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