April 2nd, 2004


post wreck

What a fucking day ...

Here's one pic of the wreck ... my family's truck is the one to the bottom left, squished under the semi ... Here's another pic -

and here's the full article, from the oc register ... Article
and another article, on the NHRA site - here

and the pic from that - this one really shows how badly smashed up the truck was.

interesting to me, if no one else cares.

What was kinda neat is that I ended up talking to lots of relatives I hadn't heard from in years ... I went to my mom's house in the afternoon, after running some errands. The phone was ringing off the hook all day. My great uncle in Texas (yes, i have relatives in the south) had heard from a friend in california who saw my dad's name on tv, so he downloaded the video clip of the internet and saw what happened. This impressed me greatly, as my great uncle is in his eighties. He called to make sure my mom was okay, and we talked for a while. I haven't talked to him in 13 years. My mom's cousins were calling ... old friends ... it was odd. I ended up playing phone screener for my parents when they got home, since they were all banged up and sore and didn't really want to talk to anyone.

The race car itself may be okay. There is definitely some body damage, but that's fixable. Our cute little matching golf cart is probably totaled. The trailer itself may be fixable. The gooseneck hitch snapped, but the main body of the trailer seems okay. The truck is a total loss. My dad loved that truck. An ice chest was destroyed, and my mom's suitcase was destroyed by the golf cart that flew forward.

My little brother got some video of the accident scene. It's fascinating. Seeing the inside of the truck, I'm amazed that my family is alive.

My (usually non-drinking) mom drank half a bottle of wine when she got home. Her foot is all bruised and swollen. My dad's face is pretty cut up. He ended up trapped in the truck for a while, as the dash collapsed downward a bit, and the driver's side door was blocked by the undercarriage of a semi.

I wasn't the only one who thought it was an april fool's day prank. Jerry David, my brother's roommate, thought is was a joke and hung up on my brother when he called in the morning.

Other than that ... i learned (the basics of) how to knit, and I am greatly impressed by M.A.C. makeup, as it survived two naps, sex, and Michael intentionally trying to smudge it.

My mom's dog is very happy that they are home early.
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