April 8th, 2004



Well, my first day of unemployment has been somewhat productive. I dyed my hair, cleaned litterboxes, cleaned out a closet, and did dishes. Oh, and drank. I did a fair amount of drinking.

Michael was talking about coming up here tonight, but we decided against it, since the headlight is out on his can and we both have stuff to do in OC thursday afternoon. So I'm going to go to bed soon, and drive down there tomorrow. I can deal with being by myself for a night ... the cats are so happy i'm home, cuddling with them.

Michael, to me:"It's times like these that I'm reminded to never piss you off." after discussing my plans to contact OSHA and the labor board.

I gave eamajyn the scarf I made for her this morning after I got off work. I think she liked it ... it was worth the work to see her smile. I had originally heard that she was going to leave on Friday, so I wasn't too worried about getting the scarf done before she left. Then Lisa called me Tuesday night to tell me that season was leaving today ... so i knitted my fucking fingers off all night at work to get it done before I left OC this morning. (After i heard i was fired, i really didn't give a damn about getting my graveyard shift duties done.) I finished it at about 7am (or more accurately, ran out of time and finished it off). I hope it was long enough.
It was so nice to give it to her and see her smile. and the expression on her face when she realized that i was in her room was quite amusing.

i think i'm gonna sedate myself into sleep ...
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