April 10th, 2004


i sleep too much

Michael had his EMT test today. He asked me to drive so that he could review for the test on the way down there. So I slept at his house last night ... in bed around two ... fidgety, restless sleep in between Flea, Griffin, and Michael ... and the alarm clock going off at six thirty. so i drag myself out of bed, drive him down to fucking Mission Viejo to take this test. drive back to his house, be restless for a few hours, then finally drift back to sleep at about ten thirty ... and then the phone rings, test is over, time to pick michael up.
so back to mission viejo i go, creeping through traffic. Pick up michael, make one stop on the way back to treat ourselves to smoothies, then then to michael's house, where i drink one beer and pass out on the couch until five.

the things i put myself through for this boy.

Saw Hellboy last night, we went with Joe and Cody. Good movie. I love going out with the two of them, and i'm going to be so sad when Cody moves away. I do have a date to dye easter eggs with her on monday, though. should be fun.

time for last minute decision making - i still don't think i'm going to go to the party tonight. I just can't believe it would be a good idea, nor would it result in anything positive. I'm going to drive up to my house ... maybe do some knitting.
the super-fluffy yarn i ordered has not yet arrived. grr. i have projects to start. oh well. i'll do more practicing. i had this nifty little heart pattern half made, but i screwed up one stitch because i was half asleep, and rather than fix it, i just unraveled the whole thing. it can be done again.

Flea is demanding that i play fetch with him. he can be quite the persistent chihuahua.

I've been getting all weepy lately over things i know i don't need to be weepy about. I worry because i have to plan out every detail ... i have to know what i want, and the exact path i'm going to take to get there. if my goals aren't clear, i get frustrated and sad.
i think i need to work on this. i guess i shouldn't worry so much.

Driving the other day, getting lost halfway on purpose, i found where i want to buy my next house. it's no father away, maybe a little closer, maybe a little harder to get to. i found this valley on the east side of Riverside ... cute houses on big lots, with room for animals ... big animals. i could maybe someday have my horse if i lived out there. It's green, not dusty dry like some of the places around riverside. maybe when i get through school ... heh.
i plan too much.
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