April 13th, 2004


questions and rambling.

miss_geek said to...
ask me 3 questions. no more. no less.
then post this in your journal.

Dyed eggs with Cody and Joe last night. It was much fun, and now I have many bright and colorful eggs. I lost many hand of poker. There was an inordinate amount of discussion about penis. Michael now knows far more about the details of an ex than should have been said, but a few drinks and everyone talks.

I stayed at my mom's house last night ... when I got here, my new yarn had arrived. So of course, I had to start on Steph's scarf. I did about 15 rows on one set of needles, decided it would look better on bigger needles, so i undid it and started all over again. Stayed up until about 6 am knitting, and then figured i should go to bed before the family woke up.

My mom is doing her "bunco" thing tonight. This means a few things ... Flea is going to bark a lot. My brother and father are going to bail out of the house ASAP and find something else to do. And I have been asked to play, as they are one person short. I've subbed in a few times before ... one time, i won all the money and everyone was cranky at me. I really like some of my mom's friends, so this might even be fun.

It's hard to knit and type.

Michael and I got a ton of stuff cleaned up at the house over the weekend. There's still a lot of work to do, though. He was a sweetie and put my screen back up in the living room window, so I can actually have fresh air in the house again. Now, I just need to get a screen door and a screen for the back, and I can really open the house up. It's nice like that in the summer. We put the TV up on a table, so that we can see it over the junk on the coffee table. Piles of laundry and dishes were done, I vacuumed, counters were scrubbed. I think one more weekend's worth of work and it will be really clean. I need to do the floors, and scrub the bathrooms, and get my mom's steam cleaner back to do the carpets. And I need to shave all my cats to prevent the mass accumulation of cat hair.

My unemployment stuff came in the mail the other day. For my brief period of unemployment, I'll get $264 a week. Sweet. Piles of paperwork to fill out, though.

I finally got someone to send my paycheck. Multiple semi-threatening phone calls were made, until I finally reached the woman at Central who calculates the payroll. She was shocked to learn that I had been fired, and more surprised that she hadn't been told so that she could make up my final check. It should be in the mail today ... so it's 7 days after I was actually fired ... this is going to add up nicely. This week sometime I'm going to send a certified letter requesting my payroll records. the fired the wrong girl in the wrong state.

Babyland is playing somewhere this saturday ... i must be there ...
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