May 7th, 2004


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i have my car back today ... they say it just needed a new battery. i still think that there's a problem with the alternator, but being a girl, no one listens to me at auto repair places.

got a ride to OC yesterday afternoon, and managed to run into just about everybody that i didn't want to see. got stuck at TC and couldn't find anything else to do until michael and i decided to go to Cafe Plaka and eat Greek food.

after that we went out to play pool, but only made it through two games ... i was tired and cranky, i really don't know what was going on with him. i think he was tired too. so we went back to his house, and i crashed out ... pathetic, eh?
but i was so tired from a rough week ...

there's so much going on that i don't have the heart or energy to write about, much less to do ... there are projects i have half started, there is legal shit i need to take care of, bills to pay ... and i just can't do it.

today i'm going back to oc. i don't know why, except that i don't really have anything else.
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"Is acting like an ass a clause in the user agreement?"

half of you probably read that already ... but i found it relevant, so i'm linking it.

i've got this 80's trashy thing going on today ... i just keep searching my house for more pieces of gaudy jewelry to put on.

i should get out of here before traffic starts to suck, but i've made lagging an art form. in the time i was just going to take a shower, change, and drive to oc, i've put clean sheets on my bed, moved some upstairs furniture, did a load of laundry, made food, and posted two LJ entries.
this is why i'm always late.

oh well. i'll be down there soon. if there's anything going on tonight, especially if it involves margaritas or beer, some one should call me.
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