May 10th, 2004

francine upset

talking to myself

it's been, all in all, a pretty good weekend.
i just wish i didn't get so sad over nothing. and then i feel bad about being sad ... it's an icky cycle.

i've got to drive him back to costa mesa in a little bit, and then i'm going to go to my mom's house and vegetate there until work.

my schedule has changed, from working saturday graveyard (9p-7a) to saturday swing (4p-2a). this is nice. this means i get to sleep next to michael on saturday nights, without having to sleep all day sunday. it's not like i'm giving up anything to work earlier, either. i have no saturday social life regardless.

i have no social life regardless.

my phone's charger is missing. this is irrelevant, since no one calls anyway. i should just disconnect my cell phone and completely cut myself off from the world.

Quinoa and vegetables went over very well last night, and there's leftovers to take to work so i don't have to eat jack-in-the-box. when i cook, it always turns out pretty much vegan, which is cool. i'm happier eating like that.

i didn't end up making the tabouleh, as i was too drunk by the end of cooking the quinoa.

kim's wedding is soon, and i'm very excited ... i'm a totally girly girl over this, but i love weddings. and free booze at receptions. but yeah, weddings. i think i might be a little bit envious.
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