May 11th, 2004


putting on a face

Off to Stitch n' Bitch in a few minutes, after I eat my breakfast/lunch/afternoon meal and put on a face. I haven't made much progress on anything lately, and i don't have money for the yarn i want to use. after payday ... more likely, after the next payday, when i'll have my bills paid off.

I found out my insurance did pay for the IUD (yay!) so i called the doctor's office, and found that i have a $401 refund coming to me (i did have to pay $99). I'll just put it toward the credit card i had to use, but that's one more bill i'm closer to paying off. Also, my therapy is covered at 100% for twelve visits, then 60% after that - a hell of a lot better than i expected. Odd to say this, but i really like my insurance company.

I may be getting a ferret soon ... must read up on ferret care and housing and all that. I'm very excited about this. details later.

Took my drug test this morning. It was odd, the ritual they put me through to prevent cheating. Lock my purse in a box, wash hands when instructed, and then do not wash hands until instructed, measure the temperature of the pee to make sure i actually peed it. And even though i've been clean forever, i'm still totally paranoid that i'm going to fail the test. Like my body had been hiding a stash of opiates somewhere just waiting for the opportunity.

one more night of work, one more night of school, then a couple days off to collapse.
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