May 15th, 2004


charles visit, sleepy boy, harbor house, quality cuddle time

today was better than yesterday.

Charles called me this afternoon, offering company. this was just enough motivation for me to get up and put on clothes besides my bathrobe. seriously, without a little bit of push, i don't do anything.

anyway, charles came over and we watched Love and a .45. I don't think he loved the movie as much as i do, but i think he at least appreciated the camp value, and the amusement of seeing Renee Zellweger as skanky texas trash. He got me the cutest "goodbye kitty" card ... absolutely morbid, and i love it.

after charles left, i headed down to OC. Stopping by Michael's house first, i found that he was dead asleep and unrousable, so i went to TC to kill some time. saw a few people i wish i saw more of, and i few i could do without. I don't see enough of stephinextremis, and chatted a bit with vtron21.

I wasn't feeling hugely social, so i left shortly after stephinextremis and arakrune did, back to michael's house. This time, he was wakeable, and we went off to Harbor House for dinner and people-watching/hating.

I had forgotten that it was a Friday night, so it was horrible crowded with the usual bad hair emo kids. On top of the busy Friday night thing ("so this is what kids with nothing better to do on their friday nights do." "Like us?" "Yeah, like us, except that we're better than them.") it appears to be prom night. So limo-loads of skinny kids with bad hair and fancy clothes came in to have post-prom, pre-cheap-sex-in-hotel-room dinner. The guys were goofy, the girls were scrawny, the clothes all around were ("is he wearing a pink shirt? he so does not have the complexion for that.") tragically bad.

To top it all off, the waiter screwed up our order. Not too badly, though, and he more than made up for it with free beers and fries for michael and i. So if anyone goes to harbor house soon, be cool to brendan, the goth-mo waiter. he's a nice guy. i tipped him well.

Back to michael's house after that for cuddling and talking on the couch. I'm feeling better today, he seems to be feeling better. we had fun, being silly and chatting. We talked of the problems we have, i have ("it's so nice to finally see you smile ... you have a beautiful smile"), he has. Minor things in comparison to the Big Picture. I'm not quite sure what the big picture is, but i do know that he can deal with me at my worst and still love me all the way through.

we spend several hours a week snuggling on this horridly uncomfortable couch. i so want to buy him a more comfy couch. not that mine is any better.

so yeah ... today was better than yesterday. Who knows how tomorrow will be. I have work all day, then i'm going to go sleep at michael's house. doesn't sound too bad. maybe i'll still be smiling.
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