May 22nd, 2004


drunken wedded bliss

so kimmy got married.
to bill, even.

The wedding was fun. interesting. crowded. silly. a total TC wedding.

we arrived a few minutes early, and i had been freaking out about getting there on time. we lagged getting out of moreno valley, and had to stop on the way out for gift and gas. a quick stop at the Target registry, selection of a gift, and michael pumping gas while i stuffed tissue paper and a knife set into a gift bag. Anyway, we arrived just in time for lots of awkward mingling on the front lawn. the conversation went back and forth between the lack of available liquor and the uncomfortable clothes/shoes.

I got to talk for a while with kim's sister, laura, whom i once worked with at Central. She's at Davis now, going through vet school, but came down for the wedding.

Eventually, after an impromptu rehearsal by the bridesmaids and groomsmen in from of the house, the wedding got started. Jesus Josh did the ceremony. It was done pretty well, i thought, though so much of it was unfortunately lost to the traffic noise. The bridesmaids' gowns were beautiful - burgundy satin with white accents. actual tasteful bridesmaid dresses - fucking amazing.

kim looked so amazing - just radiant. even michael, my bitter, anti-marriage cynic, commented on what a beautiful bride she was. brides always look so happy ...

after the short ceremony, we toasted with johnny walker gold label (life has been heavy with the scotch lately). Will made a nice little toast, and i didn't even chug mine.

after that, cake and food and drink and party. some people got wasted surprisingly quickly. The bride and groom almost managed to feed each other cake without smearing it all over each other's faces, but that all went to hell at the end. Matty's hair did not come out of the ponytail as i had predicted. the salad was good, but i didn't know what to make of the rosepetals in it. I didn't catch the bouquet, and michael was happy. The bride was accepting dollar bills stuffed into her garter (nice legs, i might add). The chihuahua brought an obnoxious drunk guy who caught the garter, and was wearing it on his head. lyteinc looked like secret service, standing around in suit and sunglasses. We had a mini-birthday celebration in the middle of it all for Lisa. stephinextremis and i shared scotch and antisocial observations. Scott played his harmonica.

After the reception, irnwlf, Jo, vtron21, arakrune, stephinextremis, Lisa, Josh, dreammadeflesh, and I went to Don Jose's for real food and some liquor. and though i wasn't at all happy with their service, i will be back for more margaritas. and i have leftover enchilada for breakfast. excepting for drama that i will not be involved in, dinner was fun. Jo made quite an impression with Michael. Watching the (quite animated) argument over AC/DC was amusing. I think she's the only girl i've ever met with backbone enough for Will. Mattie doesn't tip worth a damn.

Michael and I eventually wobbled home, stuffed with food, margaritas, and salsa. Stuff happened that you don't want to know the details of. Or maybe you do, but you're not getting them. we're probably going to go to bed soon, but i wanted to get this all written out before i forget all of it.

it's been quite a day.

the wedding has inspired much conversation between dreammadeflesh and myself. I'm not as stressed out over the future as i was, and i think we both understand each other's point of view a bit better.
things look good.

and i'm really happy for kim and bill.
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