June 8th, 2004


whining and quiz. feel free to ignore.

another day at work, nothing to do on this side of the hospital. We let a great dane named sky wander around the treatment area, and i have a pack to scrub later. a bit of computer work to do. i took a quiz:

I took the most accurate villain personality test

created by:
The Arch Villainess Gracie

i should be studying for my psychology final, but hey, the night is long. and boring.

and i don't have anything else to write about. stitch n' bitch is tomorrow, so i'll see stephinextremis and maybe lyteinc. dreammadeflesh is supposed to meet me there. Hopefully he will not carve on me this time. I've got a new little project i'm working on, as the scarf is getting boring. Row after row of black and white garter stitch ...

i should go scrub the pack ... or start taking notes for my final ... i'm hungry, we can't leave to get food, and my head hurts. i messaged ben, but he's not answering ... probably asleep, like i wish i was. ugh.
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