June 21st, 2004

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Accomplished today:
birdcage is clean.
put the hookah away.
took some trash out.
went to the grocery store.

the trip to the grocery store resulted in me buying a bottle of white wine, which means i'm probably not getting a lot done for the rest of the night.

i miss michael. goddamn petco.

i'll drive down to oc sometime tomorrow, drop my dog off at his gramdma's house, and hopefully see michael for a few hours before i go to work. then i'll work for ten (hopefully only ten) hours. then i'll go to my mom's, sleep, wake up, go to stitch n' bitch, meet up with tyler, and go see KMFDM again. i still owe him money for the tickets. i'm still supposed to call him and make plans. maybe i'll do that now ... or maybe it's too late.

i have to pick out an outfit for KMFDM. I'd like to wear the corset again, but that's a bit risky for public outings. i hate trying to dress up in the summertime. i'd rather wrap up in layers of plastic.

the cats love that i'm home. flea's happy to be here, he's curled up on the couch. the biggest spider in the world is in the backyard and i'm afraid to go out there.

i want to rearrange my living room, but i can't move all this furniture by myself. so when michael comes up here again, we're gonna move stuff. and then we're gonna lie around and bitch about how we're too old and our backs are too bad for us to be moving furniture. i also want to get rid of the red couch. anyone want it?
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maybe it's the wine ...

sleep has been elusive lately. my longest stretch was three hours on my couch yesterday afternoon, and that was due to exhaustion. last night i slept in bunches of an hour and a half - just long enough for some very weird dreams. One of which was watching a news report at a party in a giant house with my parents, where it was talking about how my brother got busted for forging prescriptions. meanwhile, my brother was puking in the corner, and they were talking about how he was still the best kid.
and then i woke up.
and every time i went back to sleep, some other surreal dream would take over my mind for a while, and then wake me up.
i went to bed at 4:30 ...
I saw 5:58 ...
i saw 7:40 ...
i saw 9:05 ...
an then my mom called at 10:15 to tell me that the house was being sprayed for bees today, and that was the end of me even trying to sleep.

i guess the top of the chimney at her house is just packed full of bees. creepy. i was over there last week, trying to use my laptop on the dining room table. bees kept hitting the light above me, dying, and dropping onto my keyboard. my family kept saying that it was no big deal, until yesterday i guess Jerry David (my brother's roomie, and one of the only guys i know who goes by two names without sounding silly) went onto the roof and saw the hive.
so i can't bring flea over there until they're done chemically saturating the house.

i really don't want to go to work tonight and be all tired.

sometimes things make me appreciate the freedoms i have ... i told michael last night on the phone that if he ever told me i couldn't do something, i'd laugh in his face ... and he understood.
i don't think he'd ever bother with telling me i could or couldn't do anything ... i know what will and won't make him sad, and i don't do stuff that will make him sad, as long as he doesn't pout over stupid shit ... which gives me a huge range. i dunno. it's hard to explain.

josiesaurus (12:31:02 AM): when did you know you were meant for monogamy?
blackeyes_kat (12:31:25 AM): i'm not meant for monogamy. but i do it because i love him that much.

josie and i had lots of fun talking last night on Yahoo ... me drunk, her stoned ... it was fun. as soon as i turned on my cam she knew i was drunk. by that point i was finishing my bottle of wine.

Sammy is the strangest cat ... scratch the right spot on his back, and he starts licking his paw. I had him out in the living room for a few minutes, but he saw one of the other cats and ran back to his chair in the kitchen. I keep saying i'll place him in a home, but unless it's totally stable, i don't know that i'd put him through the trauma of another move. he's had a rough cat life.

i still don't know what i'm gonna wear to KMFDM.

i wish i could plan far enough ahead of time to have a party up here. i think i should before the end of summer. a firm date would at least give me motivation to get the house fixed up nice, and to de-spider the backyard. i waked flea in front of the house today, because i'm still afraid of the giant black widow in the backyard.
anyway, this place needs a party.
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so i just downloaded this soulseek program, since kazaa is a blight upon my hard drive. anyone want to tell me about it?
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