June 22nd, 2004

short and red

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so apparently devilsbitchboy isn't going to be able to go the KMFDM show tonight. sadness. i may or may not have an extra ticket now, i don't know for sure. this is sad, i was looking forward to hanging out with tyler.

i'm bored here on the internal medicine side. i did a surgery over on the critical care side, then was transferred over here after the swing tech left. so i have a pack to scrub and wrap, gotta check on the patients at six, then i have nothing to do. We did a liver lobectomy on a queensland heeler. i swear, we do stuff at this hospital i've never seen before. I had to slice the liver into sections to send to various places for tests. that feels really weird. it's like harder jello.

met up with dreammadeflesh before work tonight, and went to dinner. he took me out, actually. it was nice, even though i'm bloated and cranky (i swear, i'm retaining a small lake ... but you probably didn't care to know that). my favorite italian place has the greasiest breadrolls ever. they're nummy.

stopped by my mom's house to look at the dead bees in the fireplace and drop Flea off for the night. wished them a happy anniversary (24th, i believe) and got the hell out of there.

new shoes were purchased tonight. light blue and dark blue with shiny bits. skechers, actually. more comfy than my cons, but my feet feel so ... wrapped, i guess. i prefer barefoot to anything else.

i should go make surgical drapes. i'm lazy.
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love notes

"i'm committed to making this work"

sometimes the happiest words come through e-mail. yay.
i love e-mail that makes me smile.
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