July 5th, 2004


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oh my god, i'm burnt out ...

i think i'm losing it again. i'm starting to have a hard time keeping track of days - i never know what day it actually is. this has screwed me up badly over the last week or so. I'm out of control emotionally. I feel bad for michael, he bears the brunt of it. I'm drinking even more than usual.

we decided that we both need vacations, and i'm asking for two days off at the end of the month to go away for a while. some time to sit in the sun.

i gave the kitten to steph, and i was sad. she tells me that the kitty is doing well.

sleep now, then more work.
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In a random bit before i fall asleep ...

this is the river. and i'd rather be there.

i need a vacation for the sake of my mental health.
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