July 11th, 2004


bad sister

I was a bad, irresponsible older sister last night. My brother had a party, and instead of being all adult and keeping things under control and all that, i just participated in the party. Brad has some fun friends, some of whom I've known for years. My brother wasn't as obnoxiously drunk as usual - i think he learned a lesson from the night before.

I did decide that my parties are cooler than my brother's parties, with hotter girls. His friends now want to come to my parties.

I've got alcohol insomnia now - woke up after a few hours and can't get back to sleep. ugh.

Watching the party drama was funny last night - one of the guys got into and argument with a neighbor kid, and then one of the girls came shrieking in, saying "OMG, i think i saw the guy doing something that looked like he might be putting bullets in a gun!!!!!!111!!!" Which Michael and I wrote off as total bull - this is west garden grove, really. no one around here has the balls for anything like that. Anyway, this silly rumor got bigger, until people were making calls on cell phones "There's guys outside the house with guns!"
I hate teenage girls, just for stuff like that.

before the party, I was at Ruba with Ben, Jen, Steph, and Norm. We had much fun mocking the people around us. I talked briefly with Nico via ben's computer. Jen is adorable. Ruba's food sucks. There were too many giggly, shrieky newport whores.
We were going to meet up at alta, but some yuppie scum rented it out for a birthday party.
I wonder if i could rent out TC for my birthday ... but then i probably couldn't drink there. And I'm getting too old to live through a birthday sober.

Saw Brent yesterday afternoon ... he does lead an interesting life. I talk to him on the phone every now and then, and write off half of what he says as exageration ... scary to see that it's not. He's holed up in a hotel room full of drugs and weapons. Glad he doesn't hate me. There were more drugs there than I've seen in years ... I was good and didn't do any. I'm so dull i annoy myself.
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