July 17th, 2004


punk rawk

I'm turning Michael into a punk.
It's adorable. he wants to buy a patch and sew it on something.

my plan is working ...

nevermind, there is no plan ... oops ...

we had fun at the show tonight. It was worth the drive in friday afternoon traffic, in the hot sun, all the way to san bernardino. The show itself was in a mexican banquet hall. Rather surreal.
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water! insurance! work!

Today has been interesting already. When I woke up this morning, I was struck with the urge to jump in the pool. Finding that I had no bathing suit available, I found the clothes in this house that i cared about least, put them on, and jumped in. I would have preferred to swim naked, but my family is home, and i just can't do that.
I love the water ... i could stay there for days ...

After climbing out of the pool and drying off, it was time for ... choosing a health-care plan! Weee! I've had Aetna for less than a month, and despite my mother's promises that it is New And Improved, they are already screwing me with something large and painful. Prescription co-pays are $40 ... I need 8-10 prescriptions a month ... this really just isn't going to work out.
I decided on Kaiser's HMO. Any opinions?

Gotta go to work soon. Ten hours of animalness, then I'm going to pick Michael up and drive up to my house. Lots of plans for this weekend, mostly involving cleaning, assembling, and organizing. If my bottle of wine doesn't get in the way. It'll be nice to spend a day up there with him. I need some action.

I'm not getting much knitting done lately. Slacker.
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