July 18th, 2004


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I'm awake, sluggish, hot, and bored. It's three thousand degrees up here ... it was hot when we got in at 3:30 am. it's much, much hotter now. I am going to work on the house today. The A/C is blowing warm air around the room. The lights are off and the blinds closed.

I slept heavily and deeply last night, despite the temperature, and had the strangest dreams. In IKEA, playing video games, eating ice cream that turned into a wriggling mass of baby rats. And one of my cats was in a sink. I don't know where this shit comes from.

I'm trying to organize my little desk area. One of my biggest problems is my pack-rat tendency ... there's shit in here that i should have thrown away two years ago. One random shoelace? empty envelopes to bills long ago paid? a cork? yeah, junk.

i just found a pair of dog testicles in a jar. strangest things in the strata of my desk.

There isn't really a plan for today ... clean, relax, maybe a trip to trader joe's ... a nice litte break, really.
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short and red

three short notes

first, i just heard Rudimentary Peni on the radio. Say what you will about Indie 103 being a clear channel station and all that, but i heard rudimentary peni on the fucking radio. yay.

second, I want a parakeet. they're cute.

third, this is funny. In a serious sort of way.
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