July 22nd, 2004


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I want to move to Washington. Not now. Not right this second or anything. But maybe withing the next couple years. There's a couple 24 hour animal hospitals up there. I could go to school up there. It's not so fucking hot. There are trees. For what my condo would sell for now, I could buy a real house, with a yard.

pipe dreams ...

maybe someday.
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Labor board

So I finally stopped procrastinating and got all my paperwork together for my claim against Central. It only took me about an hour once i sat down to do it.

I'm claiming $2291 - $696 in 'waiting time penalty' because they took a week to give me check after i was fired, and the rest in unpaid overtime, for working 12 hour shifts without any overtime.

Rachel won her case against Central without any problem (for waiting time penalty) so hopefully I won't have any problem with this. Teach them to fuck with me ...

I also paid off a bunch of bills, so now I'm feeling poor again. Ugh.

Off to dinner with Michael, and then work from 9 to 7. two more shifts until I go to the river ...
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