July 26th, 2004

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hot hot hot

I'm not going to be bitching about the heat at my house anymore ... not for a while, after today ...

We arrived at about 5 pm, the sun very high in the sky. The trip went surprisingly fast, probably due to my new Bad Religion cd and and old mixed tape that made me all nostalgic.
Usually, when my parents come down here in the summer time, they have one of their friends here turn on the a/c before they arrive. No one with a key was down here this weekend, so the a/c could not be turned on until I arrived. No big deal, I thought. I can take a little heat, and the house won't take that long to cool down.

I was so wrong. It was a sauna in here. The dogs were sweating. It remained a sauna until well after the sun went down. (For reference, the temperature is now - at 1:20 a.m. - still 100 degrees.) I am wearing a bikini top and a small wrap skirt, and was walking around comfortably outside, watching the lightning of a desert thunderstorm flash in the distance.

it's beautiful here. There are a million more stars in the sky here than anywhere else. A snowy egret has made its home in the marshy canal in front of the house - it's visible in the picture I posted a while ago.

There is no one else here. Quiet.

In the morning, we're driving into lovely Blythe, CA, to purchase the groceries that I did not want to buy before i got here. Maybe I'll show michael around - take him to the one-screen movie theatre, browse the Yellow Mart (a really trashy desert version of a department store), maybe check out the 'Steaks & Cakes' for lunch.
I should probably just get my groceries and come back here.

As long as I have plenty of time to get out on the water tomorrow.
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toes in the water

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In the shallow water, a drink in one hand, a book in the other, and it was wonderful. I got some great pictures. I'll post later, when I'm less groggy. Between the sun and the beer, I'm feeling a little pickled.

The grocery store in Blythe, was as trashy as could be expected. it was almost fun. The highlight of today's trip was Michael's comment on the way back, as we were passing a field of cotton - "Look, honey! Free-range tampons!"

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