August 2nd, 2004


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I got the funniest voicemail while i was at work last night.

"Hi Kasey, it's Heather. Come over and eat mushrooms! Talk to you later, bye."

And if i hadn't been at work, I probably would have taken her up on it.

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There's a song on the new N.Y. cd that is playing over and over again in my head ... it's called "Headcase" and it's one of the best things i've heard in a while ... funny, the songs that strike me ...

going back to work after my vacation has sucked. I want to go back.

I gained five pounds on my vacation. I'm not surprised.

Drinking wine this early in the morning probably isn't the best thing for me.
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    "Headcase" in my head

absoluely nothing.

I'm bored.

exciting, eh?

I've got nothing to do tonight except talk to the cats and clean my house (the constant project). I'm fighting the temptation to drive to OC. I shouldn't. I need to spend time at my house.

i just hate that i have to do it alone. I don't like alone.

I talked to the girl at work that does the schedule - the only way they can accommodate my school schedule is if I work Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday graves.

This blows. I want to work Saturday, Sunday, and Monday so i can get my work done in a block and not have to balance my mid-week school around it. grr.

There is an option, however. If I can get someone who is currently on the Sunday night shift to trade Wednesdays with me, I can do it. I may resort to bribery. or blackmail. or begging.

I just don't want to have to drop half my classes because I can't fit them in around my work schedule.

The bird is swinging in his cage, muttering "Gurgie Monster" and "Goyle!" over and over again. it's kinda cute.

maybe i'll just be completely useless tonight and go back to bed.
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