August 8th, 2004


Central lines

I put in two central lines last night ... *does happy dance*

I know that doesn't mean much to anyone (except maybe Season), but it's a big thing to me. It was something I didn't do before, and now I can. It's something that only the upper-level techs do, and i can do it too.

And it's one more thing marked off my tech checklist.

I kinda felt bad ... everyone else I was working with was having a horrible night, and things kept going right for me. It was the most pleasant night at work since I got back from the river.

Now, I've got to get a few hours of sleep, because I have to be at the other job at 4:30. Hopefully I'll get out on time, because dreammadeflesh and I are supposed to watch a movie after work. Really, though, I never leave the Garden Grove hospital on time.
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