September 7th, 2004


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I had my first day of my sociology class today. It seems like something I'll really like. The teacher is really enthusiastic about the subject.

If I could think of any career in sociology or anthropology that I could enjoy and do for the rest of my life, and support myself with, I'd probably go that direction with my life. But I don't want to teach, and I don't want to write, so I am limited. But I do love the study of people. I tell everyone that I study people because I don't understand them. It's true.

Why would anyone have just a glass of wine when there's a whole bottle available? I love shiraz. I never expected to turn into a wine drinker ... it just kinda snuck up on me. I guess I take after my aunt lynn, wine drinker extrordinaire.

I have applied hair dye to my hair, in the hope of fixing the spots michael left blonde. Hopefully I will not pass out before i am able to rinse it out.

It's weird ... i finally have the chance to relax at my own house, and i just don't know what to do with myself ... I bought wasp killing spray and gleefully sprayed the nest that has taken control of my backyard. I sprayed it from a safe distance, and then ran inside gleefully. I shouldn't feel so good about killing stuff, but those fuckers hijacked my backyard.

The pharmacy gave to me double the dose of antidepressants that I've been taking ... i'm going to try it ... if a little bit is good, more is better, right?

I have to be up at 7 am to make it to class on time. I am not enthusiastic about this.
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