September 21st, 2004



I knew it couldn't last. The perfect weather of the last two days has turned into weather only stephinextremis could love. I'm dry, itchy, and watery. Traffic sucked all the way home, because heaven knows no one can fucking drive well when it's windy. It is true - californians can only drive in perfect weather. You should see us when it snows - we're doing circles on the freeways.

I'm living in a dustbowl now, and i have pictures to prove it - this is what it looks like coming through riverside:

and traffic was bad enough (what usually takes me 45 minutes took me an hour and a half) that i was being vain in my car - I'll cut this one to spare you all another self portrait in sunglasses (hey, when i find a pair i like, i rarely take them off).

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talked to michael last night, and was muchly reassured. Both of us are really looking forward to the show on friday. I need a nice loud industrial show, and heather has promised to buy me a drink.

school tonight. school tomorrow morning. homework to be done. eh.
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screw-up fairy

consumer whore

So when I'm sad, or bored, or lonely, i spend money. This is a bad thing, as i don't have much money to spend. But it's retail therapy, and it works, to an extent.

The saddest thing is when i realized that all the stuff i bought online won't be here for another week or so.

No instant gratification for kasey.
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