September 25th, 2004


having fun?

The show rocked my socks. and i was even wearing socks, amazingly enough.

I've never seen thrill kill kult before, and they put on an amazing show that i just had to dance to. The singer was hot in a strung out, too-much-cocaine sorta way. Everyone in the band wore sunglasses, which made quite an impression on me for whatever reason. Maybe they were just cooler than the rest of us.

Hanzel und Gretel rocked, Ministry rocked. This was the best show i've seen in a while. Heather adored Hanzel und Gretel, and michael seemed to like them. The pit was extraordinarily violent, so i hung around the edges, and still took a punch to the nose and an elbow in the chest that knocked the wind out of me and made me hang on michael for a few moments. Ministry puts on an overwhelming, high energy show.

My (favorite!) Rudimentary Peni shirt died a tragic death on the edges of the mosh pit. The shirt was bordering on indecent already, and then a girl going by grabbed it and tore most of the front down ... she got punched in the back of her head on the next go-round for that effort. I safety pinned the shirt for the remainder of the show.
Maybe i'll frame the shirt and put it on my wall.

There were many very attractive rivetheads there. mmm ... teenage rivethead boys are so ... yeah. hot. Some really hot girls there too, but i don't like the "scene" chicks - they can be so into what they're wearing, perfect hair, perfectly skinny. just as catty as regular girls, really, but it's not like i'm any better.

Heather was talking on the way to hollywood about what i was like when she first met me. I did not like heather at all when i met her (funny, because we are so much alike in so many ways). We would run into each other at band practices because we both had a boyfriend in the same crappy punk band. She asked someone (she didn't say who, but i have my ideas) about me, "Why is she always so gloomy?"
and the answer given to her was, "Because she knows that somehow, somewhere, someone is having fun."

it's probably right. I'm nicer than i was when heather met me (i was pretty fucking evil to everyone back then) but i'm just as bitter and envious now as i was then. i'm jealous of everyone who has fun, and i want everyone to be gloomy with me.
how pathetic am i ...

but i did have fun tonight. I had a really good time with michael, heather, and even her boyfriend, who is finally starting to show some personality. It may have been just because he was drunk.

chatrient, i was drinking scotch on the rocks. no wussy drinks for me. no umbrellas. not even a straw.
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