September 27th, 2004


again ... it fucking happened again.

My car was broken into last night, while i was working.

sometime between the 5am dog walking and the morning techs coming in at 6am, some fucker broke my driver's side window and opened up my car. They ripped out my stereo, damaging my dashboard pretty thoroughly in the process. They opened up my trunk, tossed some of its contents into the parking lot, and pulled out my bazooka tube.

And they took my CD's.

What was left of my cd's after the last break-in, and the stuff I've bought since. The rest of the music i love.

I'm crushed by the loss of my music more than anything else. My signed VAST cd was in the car. all my Babyland cd's that i replaced after the last time. my new Mazzy Star and Paris Texas. My Leonard Cohen. My Narcoleptic Youth. My Social Distortion. Mix CD's with memories burned into them ... the one i titled "songs that make me happy" with the saddest songs ever on it. My Oingo Boingo. Everything.

i'm so numb.

A cop came out and took a report. People from work helped me get the car cleaned up, there was glass everywhere. I called my insurance and filed a claim. It's all covered, but my deductible is $1,000. edit: my insurance agent called back. it's $100, not $1,000. this is easier to handle.

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