September 29th, 2004


sleep ... glorious sleep ...

I'm having one of those days where it's all catching up to me, and i still have to go to work.

I got called in last night to sit with a dialysis patient. Which was totally neat, and something i needed to do for my skills list, but it meant no sleep last night, school today, and work tonight. I may get an hour of sleep later on.

it also meant no studying last night, and that combined with the class i missed on monday due to the break-in means i totally bombed my bio test this morning. In lab, we had a test i didn't even know about, and i bombed that one too. I spent all night on a dialysis patient and then fucked up the question on the test about dialysis. go me.

things have been better. i miss michael. i'm going to see him tomorrow night. :) and maybe friday. :D
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